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DAQING project



We have worked with a DAQING Chinese company and
we moved
this rigs 75,74,27,52 bliala (sofian)
inside the field.

RPOC project



Rawat Petroleum Operating Company ' RPOC ' is an operating company working in the industry of exploration, development, production and transportation of crude oil.

FIS has agreement with RPOC to move all equipment in rawat field

FIS are moving :

petroneed drilling (Rig 105)

NUS drilling (Rig D1,S10,S5)

Dynamic company  (cementing equipment)

Al Ghaith company  (cementing equipment)

Amtaar project


Amtaar Investment is a Joint Venture between Jenaan and the Sudanese government. Amtaar has an administrative office in Khartoum and an irrigation farm at Al Dabbah in the Northern region, 340km north of Khartoum in the Sahara desert.The farm was established on an ancient floodplain of the Nile River in the desert. It consists of 6000 ha under irrigation where it produces Rhodes grass, Sudan grass, Alfalfa and Corn. Overall, the project consist of 10000 ha of land in which the remaining 4000 is distributed to other parts of Sudan. FIS has agreement with Amtaar company to transport all production Rhodes ,grass and other from Al Dabbah project , Sondos project to portsudan.

NUS project


National Upstream Solution (NUS) as a company is registered in Sudan. (NUS) is a 100%-owned subsidiary of SUDAPET Co. Ltd., with its business being established on Jan 2014, adopting the international standards for Oil & Gas and Upstream Services fields. NUS scope of services and solutions

Sector: Oil & Energy

FIS has been moved rig D1 the largest rig in sudan

Rig D1:2000 HP/SCR/TDS

We are moving rig D1 and other Drilling Services in RAWAT filed continuously.

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